What Are Some Top-Rated Colleges?

What Are Some Top-Rated Colleges?

The listing of America's top colleges found at Forbes.com lists Pomona College, Williams College, Stanford University, Princeton University and Yale University as the top five colleges in the United States. Students pay nearly $60,000 per year to receive a degree from one of these top schools.

Pomona College is listed by Forbes.com as the top college in the United States. Pomona College is a private liberal arts school located in Claremont, California. This school offers 600 classes and nearly 50 different majors; however, students have a selection of more than 2,000 classes that can be taken either at Pomona or at one of the neighboring Claremont Colleges schools.

Williams College ranks second on Forbes' list of the top schools in the country. Originally started as a men's college, women were able to gain admittance starting in 1970. Students at this school take four courses during both the fall and spring semesters and one class during the winter semester. Over half of the freshman that attend this college earn an average of $40,000 in school grants.

Stanford is a private college located in Silicon Valley. It rated as third on Forbes' list. Around 66 percent of the students that apply receive admittance to this school.

Both Yale and Princeton are Ivy League schools, ranking at fourth and fifth place, respectively. Ivy League schools are generally considered to be the most prestigious and expensive universities located in the United States.