What Are Some of the Top Graduate Schools for Fine Arts?


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Yale University, Columbia University and Rhode Island School of Design all consistently rank in the top 10 programs for a Masters in Fine Arts, reports U.S. News & World Report. Although often expensive, these programs offer many benefits and are well-respected among curators, critics, collectors and artists themselves.

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What Are Some of the Top Graduate Schools for Fine Arts?
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Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale tops most MFA lists. Students looking to study there can specialize in sculpture, painting and printmaking, and graphic design, according to Artspace. Yale offers students lots of networking potential.

Columbia University in New York City specializes in interdisciplinary studies but students must apply within a specific genre. The program is very exclusive, accepting only 2 percent from their application pool.

Providence's RISD offers programs that emphasize the mastery of the artist's technical craft. Students focus more on honing traditional skill sets rather than on conceptualism. Applicants can choose to study painting, graphic design, or more unique specialities like furniture design and landscape architecture.

Valencia, California is the home of California Institute of the Arts, another school ranked high among MFA programs. Founded by Walt Disney, there are strong ties between the school and Hollywood. Specialties at CalArts include graphic design, photography and media, and art and technology.

The University of California at Los Angeles is also among the top programs. Some of the specialities at UCLA include ceramics, interdisciplinary studio, "new genres," painting and drawing, photography and sculpture. UCLA is a public university which makes the program more affordable than many MFA programs.

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