What Are the Top Elf Names for Holiday Celebrations?

As of 2015, some of the top Elf names include Buddy, Elfie, Jingle, Snowflake and Jack, according to ElfontheShelf.com. Other popular names include Charlie, Fred, Chippy, Sparkle and Holly. Families choose these names to give their elf from Elf on the Shelf, which is a holiday tradition in the United States.

Buddy is the most popular name for the Elf on the Shelf scout elf, according to the product's website. As of 2015, 30,000 registered elves have this name. One of the rarest elf names on the list is Oodles, which is the name of only 220 elves. Other popular names are Tinsel, Frisbee, Cookie, Jolly and Max. The lists also include several spelling variants of names, such as Elfie and Elfy or Jingle or Jingles.

Families can register their scout elf's name on the Elf on the Shelf website by clicking on the "Register Your Elf" link at the bottom of the page. This adds the name to the "Scout Elf Registry" so that it is included in the official list of elf names. Children who register their elf receive a letter from Santa and an adoption certificate that lists the elf's name.

For families looking for elf names that are not as popular, there are several elf name idea lists available. Some examples of holiday-themed names that can work for an elf include Ivy, Noelle, Pointsettia, Mistletoe and Kris.