What Are the Top Colleges?

What Are the Top Colleges?

Some of the top colleges in the United States are Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale University and Columbia University. All of these colleges are dedicated to groundbreaking research and offer students a wide choice of courses in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

These colleges have been chosen as top in the United States by U.S. News using a structured methodology, which includes the types of higher education institutions, faculty dedication to teaching and retention of graduates.

Princeton University was founded in the 18th century and is now world-renowned for its efforts in research. Due to its success, the college is generous financially and often supports those students who come from lower-income backgrounds.

Harvard University was established in 1636 and has greatly expanded, now catering to 21,000 students. Its library boasts the largest selection of academic books in the world, and many of the college's academic courses are award-winning. Harvard is also able to support students in financing their courses. More than 65% of Harvard's students now receive grants and funds from the university.

Yale University is made up of three main components and specializes in arts and sciences and professional schools. Yale is extremely dedicated to research and improving the world globally. Students are encouraged to conduct research abroad as part of their chosen courses.