What Are the Top 100 SAT Words for High School Students to Know?

What Are the Top 100 SAT Words for High School Students to Know?

Abbreviate, abstinence, adulation, adversity and aesthetic are some of the words Kaplan Test Preparation has analyzed as top words for the SAT. Students need to know vocabulary for the reading section of the test.

Amicable, anachronistic, anecdote, anonymous and antagonist are words that students encounter when taking the SAT test. Arid, assiduous and asylum finish off the words that begin with an "a," according to Kaplan Test Preparation.

The best way to develop academic vocabulary is to read extensively, especially literary books. However, in preparing for the SAT, it's advisable to study a list of vocabulary words.

The first step is to take a practice test of the critical reading section. People worried about the vocabulary section should especially pay attention to those questions. The SAT tests vocabulary primarily through sentence completion questions, though reading comprehension also assesses the student's vocabulary.

Besides the Kaplan list, there are other vocabulary lists available. For example, YourDictionary.com offers a list of SAT vocabulary that includes abate, abdicate, aberration, abhor and abstain for words that begin with "a." Education.com recommends knowing what abstract, alleviate, ambivalent, apathetic and auspicious mean.

Another option is studying a particularly difficult word list. Sparknotes offers a list titled "Top 250 Hardest SAT Words." Studying a list like this helps students master even the most difficult vocabulary-related questions.