What Are the Top 10 Reasons to Go to College?

Reasons for going to college include acquiring leadership skills, earning more money, improving knowledge in a variety of areas, acquiring advanced training and expertise in specific fields and developing an intellectual base for learning later in life. In addition to academic preparation, the college experience provides important social experiences as well. Students enter college with people from diverse backgrounds, including different religions, geographical locations, socioeconomic statuses and ethnic identities, so sharing a space promotes learning about other cultures and encourages tolerance.

Having a college education opens the door for more job opportunities, in contrast to students with lower levels of education. The college learning experience teaches students life skills in addition to academics, such as planning and management. Employers in different disciplines consider those skills universally beneficial and see them as positive attributes in employees. Students with college degrees generally land positions in jobs offering higher wages, which allows for living a comfortable life. College provides students with the opportunity to obtain knowledge, and in turn share valuable information with others. It provides many students with new challenges to overcome, such as learning to deal with others with different opinions and perspectives, which allows students to face challenges later in life. Higher education translates to improved health as well, and in turn a higher quality of life.