What Are the Top 10 Biker Nicknames?

What Are the Top 10 Biker Nicknames?


According to RacerXOnline.com, the 10 best biker nicknames are "Hurricane," "Showtime," "Magoo," "Dogger," "Jammer," "The Little Professor," "Junkyard Dog," "Bomber," "Rollerball," and "Chicken." Each of these nicknames comes from a real person, and each has a story behind it.

The best nicknames always have a tale, and are ideally bestowed upon the recipient by another person. For example, biker Jeff Matiasevich, nicknamed "Chicken," once killed a chicken when he was young. The name stuck as a result of his casual and humorous riding style. The nickname "Rollerball" was appropriate for Canadian biker Ross Pederson, who was said to be a fearsome and competitive racer.

Sometimes a biker's roots have as much to do with his nickname as his riding style. For example, John Dowd, nicknamed "Junkyard Dog," had a salvage yard as his family business. Gary Bailey's nickname, "The Little Professor," was born from his mastery of the vehicle; he was a precision rider with textbook-perfect technique.

Nicknames often come from a simple play on words or abbreviated version of a person's name. These can be clever in their own right, but they can lack the charm of a nickname with an origin story. These are also more likely to come from the person himself than to be awarded by others.