What Are Some Tips on Writing a Thesis Statement?


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A thesis statement needs to be specific, concise and easy to find within the paper. Thesis statements require evidence throughout the paper and depend upon the type of paper, such as analytical or argumentative. Some thesis statements require revisions after the completion of the first draft. Tips for writers to formulate a thesis statement include conducting research on the topic beforehand, finding a focus sub-topic and creating a list of themes to narrow down a thesis statement.

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The thesis statement in a paper is the main argument or conclusion of the evidence a writer surveys. A thesis statement usually makes a claim and proposes an explanation for the claim. A good thesis statement acts as a road map for the reader to detail the evidence in support of the claim in the thesis. An example of a thesis statement may state that democratic nations are more peaceful due to the accountability of democratic leaders to the populous. The rest of this paper discusses evidence of theories and examples of democratic leaders under the threat of war.

The thesis statements typically goes at the end of the introductory paragraph. Acting as a funnel, the introductory paragraph starts with the broader topic and gets more specific until it reaches the thesis statement.

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