What Are Some Tips for Writing a Professional Collection Letter?


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When writing a professional collection letter, the sender should keep in mind the two main goals: to collect the money owed and to maintain a courteous or professional relationship with the recipient of the letter, advises Entrepreneur. This is particularly true if the recipient is a client.

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A sender measures the effectiveness of such letters by the response rates in getting paid, reports Entrepreneur. For such effectiveness, the collection letter should be short, clear and direct to avoid any misunderstandings on the receiving end. The letter should mention the reason for the letter in the first sentence, reminding the recipient the amount that is due and the date on which the debt was past due. If necessary, the sender adds a second sentence to explain or elaborate on any information in the first sentence. The sender should then suggest a solution to the problem, usually asking the recipient to submit payment, and thank the recipient in advance for cooperation in the matter.

To sender should do anything possible to make it easier for the recipient to participate in the solution offered, advises Entrepreneur. This may include something as simple as sending along a self-addressed stamped envelope that the recipient can use to mail the payment. Maintaining a professional and courteous tone is also important to facilitate a solution.

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