What Are Some Tips for Writing About a Person?

What Are Some Tips for Writing About a Person?

When writing about a person, make sure the person's story will be interesting enough to write about. Research the person and choose the aspects of his life that are the most interesting and will attract readers, according to The Writer.

The subject of the story should be interesting enough to attract readers. Writers should thoroughly research their subject to find his most compelling aspect and try to find a reason readers will want to read about this person.

Some writers find it helpful to come up with a list of questions to be answered. To do this, imagine sitting with the subject and asking the questions that have been on everyone's mind, states The Writer. Research to find out why this person did what he did and write about that.

Have a starting point in mind. Many people begin with the person's birth, but that might not be interesting enough to hold a reader's attention. Consider beginning with a look at the subject's family tree, or other less conventional starting points.

Always remember to be as accurate as possible. The writer should be an authority on the subject, so verify all research before writing and make sure the facts are correct.