What Are Some Tips for Writing Your Own Bio?


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A bio is dynamic, meaning that it changes as opportunities are tackled and new goals achieved. The purpose of a bio is to present yourself to an audience in the best possible light. It's a good idea to have three versions of a bio, a micro bio, a short bio, and a long bio. Each will be appropriate for different purposes.

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The micro bio is usually a sentence or two pitching yourself to your audience, and the short bio makes a great byline and can boost social media profiles. The long bio is often used in publications like event programs.

A good bio opens with your name and your business. Use strong verbs and change the lengths of sentences and paragraphs to make it resonate. Don't be afraid to be a little informal and show some personality. Include a quirky self-fact or volunteer work that you do. Be sure to give your contact information so people can get in touch with you. Networking and accepting new opportunities is important to an evolving bio. The last thing to do is have someone who knows you well to read it and make suggestions for any revisions, and then make any necessary edits.

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