What Are Some Tips for Writing a One-Minute Speech of Introduction?

Tips for writing a one-minute speech of introduction include making sure to clearly state the introductory speaker's relationship to the main speaker and making sure to include biographical information about the main speaker. The person giving the introduction should also state positive things about the main speaker and keep the introduction speech professional and brief.

It is important to include portions of the speaker's biography in the introduction, but it is also important to leave out information that might be embarrassing or controversial unless the speaker approves of including the information in advance. It's also important to include aspects of the speaker's background relevant to the group being addressed. Most speakers have biographical information publicly available that the introductory person can draw from to write the speech.

To keep an introductory speech professional, it's helpful to leave out information about the speaker's family. This is particularly true if the speech is at a formal event. At the same time, a professional introductory speech can be complimentary of the speaker's accomplishments and professional achievements.

One way to find information for the speech's talking points is to ask the speaker directly about any preferences for the introduction. Finally, to make the speech professional, it's helpful to close by welcoming the person to the podium and to encourage event guests to warmly welcome the speaker.