What Are Some Tips for Writing a Nomination Award Letter?


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To write a good nomination award letter, it's important to understand what the nomination is for and learn about it. Brainstorm potential nominees who you feel have the qualities of someone who deserves the nomination. Next, it is important to create a list of reasons why the nominees should be selected. Find a theme to revolve the nomination around, as it helps the reviewers ability to follow along. Write a first draft, and continually edit it alongside any final changes.

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When writing a nomination letter be thoughtful and explain how the nominee earned the right to be chosen for the reward with specific examples. Supporting statements from colleagues, clients, students and other members of the community can make a nomination all the better.

When talking about the nominee, make sure to communicate sincerity, and show that you personally value their contributions. Don't be too concerned with using fancy speech, and use a bulleted list when appropriate. Explain the technical details of the nominees in such a way that non-experts understand.

Talk to the nominees about their lives, background and experiences to learn from them. Get a copy of the nominees resume or CV to help provide further information and give you a place to start writing.

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