What Are Some Tips for Writing a Narrative Essay?

What Are Some Tips for Writing a Narrative Essay?

When writing a narrative essay, choose a subject that addresses a particular theme or topic, yet has a concise plot that can be conveyed without turning the essay into a novel. If the essay is a class assignment, ensure the topic fits the guidelines. No matter the theme, use a lot of detail to convey the story without describing all of the character's movements in full. Always use the first person point of view and write in past tense.

Start the narrative essay by recalling details and organizing them into an outline that describes the major plot points. This helps establish the essay's flow.

The first draft of the essay should include impactful, illustrative writing. Use dynamic words, and write with clarity by separating thoughts into proper sentence structure. Although narrative essays are non-fiction, utilize fiction writing techniques such as plot building in order to gain and keep the reader's interest.

The first draft should be revised carefully to ensure that the essay flows in an understandable way and provides the reader with enough vivid details to involve him in the story. Ensure the words used are descriptive and paint a picture for the reader. Identify the story's message and whether or not it is properly conveyed.

After revisions, the essay should be edited for grammatical errors. Although this can be done by the author, it is often more effective to have an outside party perform the editing, as he has an unbiased perspective. Once edited, the essay can be published or shared aloud with a group.