What Are Some Tips for Writing Letters of Encouragement to Children?


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When writing letters of encouragement to children, use specific language and personalize the reflections to specific behaviors, activities or efforts. Parents, teachers or friends can make the letters of encouragement colorful and humorous by writing a note on colorful paper or attaching photos of the family, favorite pets, or even drawings or sketches that relate to the encouragement.

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Letters of encouragement should include words that help children to see their potential. Phrases such as "We know you have studied hard for this test and we know you can perform your very best" or "You have so much passion and talent for the piano, so we know you are going to give this performance your all" identify specific actions that the child has taken to prepare for an upcoming task, performance or academic challenge.

People writing letters of encouragement to children can draw upon their own experiences. Letter writers should think about the worries, fears, loves and interests they experienced as a child and try and draw from those feelings to identify with the child. Letter writers can write words of encouragement such as "I remember when I started a new school and I felt scared and lonely, but when I introduced myself to my classmates, I realized that I had a new set of friends just waiting for me."

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