What Are Some Tips for Writing an Informal Letter to a Friend?

Write an informal letter to a friend in everyday, conversational language, incorporating the basic elements of letter writing, such as greetings and closings, and avoiding errors in grammar or spelling. There are no set rules for writing informal letters, especially when the recipient is a close friend.

An informal letter to a friend may begin with a heading that contains the date and sometimes a return address, depending on the recipient and the reason for correspondence, A friendly letter to a close friend often lacks a heading, but includes the date after the closing.

Greet your friend with an appropriate salutation. "Dear Joe" or "Hi Joe" are common choices. Place a comma after the greeting, skip a line, and begin the body of your letter. Start with a brief introduction that explains the reason for the letter. Discuss recent events that are relevant to the reader, and ask questions about the recipient's own well-being. Reply letters usually contain responses to some of the recipient's questions in this paragraph.

Follow the introduction with additional information, questions and conversation, and keep your ideas organized in short paragraphs, Contractions, slang and other informal language elements are acceptable in friendly letters. Incorporate your personality and emotions into the article by writing as if you are speaking to your friend.

End the letter with an appropriate closing, such as "Love," "Yours Truly" or "Can't wait to see you," and add a comma. Sign the letter below the closing using your first name or nickname.