What Are Some Tips for Writing a Good Report?


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Some tips for writing a great report include determining the report's purpose, writing to the report's readers, not writing to fill space and revising thoroughly. STT Courses adds the importance of outlining a report, the six essential sections of a report and gathering all pertinent information before writing.

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The first step to starting a report is determining its objective. Decide whether the report persuades or informs. Next, consider the reader. A report read by academics reads differently than a report read by high school students. Also consider the level of specialized technical understanding by the reader and to avoid jargon if necessary.

Decide on the information the report needs to contain and gather it before writing an outline. The basic sections of a report include the title, circulation list, introduction, body, conclusions and recommendations. In more complex reports, the following may also be included: summary, table of contents, appendices, bibliography, glossary and index.

When writing the report, make every word count. Do not load the report with extraneous information or write to fill space. Make sure the report flows logically from point to point. The final tip is to review and revise the report. Gain feedback from a real reader by showing it to someone else before submission.

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