What are some tips for writing a good paper?


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To write a good paper, open it with a compelling introduction, craft a strong argumentative thesis, and organize the paper in a logical sequence. Whether the paper is a book review or in-depth critical essay, these tips help make the writing more effective and engaging.

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What are some tips for writing a good paper?
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A good introduction sets up an essay���s main arguments while simultaneously indicating why readers should care about them. To entice readers, an effective introduction may use a call to action, controversial statement or background summary that highlights the issue at hand.

A strong thesis, which is essential to any essay, must indicate the paper���s overall purpose and outline its main points. The thesis must be argumentative, such that another writer could use it to frame a compelling counter-argument. For example, "Gatsby's death is tragic��� is not an effective thesis statement because it doesn���t present a refutable argument. ���Gatsby���s death is inevitable due to the corrupting effects of capitalism��� is a more effective thesis because it offers a strong argument.

A good essay must follow a cohesive organizational sequence. Writers should introduce ideas in a quasi-narrative arrangement, such that one point follows another in a constructive way. Haphazard or disjointed information only serves to confuse readers. Drafting an outline before writing a paper is therefore a good first step.

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