What Are Some Tips for Writing a Good Journalism Article?


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Some tips for writing a good journalism article are to tell a story rather than recite facts, appeal to the interests of the intended audience, grab the reader's interest at the beginning and engage the reader's emotions to keep him reading. Other effective writing practices are to use simple words, minimize using adjectives and adverbs, write in short paragraphs, consider ending the story with a quote and create the headline after the article is complete.

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Journalism articles are typically arranged using the inverted pyramid structure. In this construction, the most important information, or base of the pyramid, is in the first paragraph, the next most important information in the second paragraph and so forth. The lead paragraph, sometimes called the lede, should answer the five Ws of journalism: Who, What, When, Where and Why. This structure allows a reader to glean the most important facts in a story by reading the opening and then deciding if he wishes to read more. It also benefits editors who may need to cut an article due to space considerations by allowing them to simply cut from the bottom.

Journalism pieces are typically written in the active voice and in past tense. The writer should avoid using the word "I" whenever possible.

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