What Are Some Tips for Writing Essays on Jurisprudence?


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When writing essays on jurisprudence, pay attention to detail, and address exactly what the assignment questions. Structure the essay clearly, and both define and defend its thesis. Use appropriate sources, and cite them accordingly. Consider all arguments pertaining to the matter at hand while ignoring portions of the law that are irrelevant to the topic. Write creatively, adding flair to the essay while still maintaining a professional dialogue. Use correct grammar, and also present the wider context defining the law.

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When presenting law in a wider context, consider policies that are relevant to the issue. Touch on the history leading up to the formation of the law, including where and how the original idea was conceived. Include any controversies surrounding the law.

When discussing an essay's thesis, playing devil's advocate is an appropriate strategy. This way, the thesis can be fully discussed instead of merely presenting a biased argument.

When structuring an essay on jurisprudence, consider using the five paragraph essay structure. This structure includes an introduction that defines the essay's central thesis, followed by three paragraphs presenting arguments, details or historical information concerning the law in question. The fifth paragraph is a simple summary of the essay. This form is not firmly set in five paragraphs; additional paragraphs may be added to accommodate additional information.

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