What Are Some Tips for Writing a Class Reunion Speech?


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Some tips for writing a class reunion speech are to have a structure, be memorable, keep it short, have the right tone and end strong. Class reunion speeches are typically used to welcome back the class and to thank the reunion organizers. They can include class memories and how things have changed over time.

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A memorable speech is one that people will remember after the event is over, even if it is just a few lines. Try to create a 15- to 20-word epigram surrounding the class reunion theme and build the speech around it. Including metaphors, surprises and analogies can help make the speech more memorable to listeners.

Give the speech a structure so it does not drift into irrelevant topics. Outlining the structure before writing the speech can help keep it organized.

Set the right tone to fit the audience. A class reunion will typically include former classmates and their families. Topics such as class memories, former teachers and how things have changed can help set the tone.

A class reunion speech should be short to keep the audience's attention and allow them enough time to participate in the rest of the reunion. Writing a speech that lasts only a few minutes also will help it keep its structure and tone.

End the speech strong with a story or sentence that has an effect on the audience. This can help make the speech more meaningful and memorable.

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