What Are Some Tips for Writing a Book Synopsis?


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Some important things to remember when writing a book synopsis include covering the major plot points, describing the character arc of the protagonist,, and the changing relationship between the protagonist and the impact character. The synopsis should present enough information to intrigue a reader with an interesting premise and characters without revealing the whole story.

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Avoid a common pitfall of book synopsis writing by making sure the synopsis matches the writing voice of the book, rather than lapsing into persuasive sales language. It must present information about the book in a way that hooks an editor or other reader so they want to continue reading, but it should not end with cliffhanger language or a call to action, which is more appropriate for a book description or a back cover blurb.

A book synopsis serves as a narrative summary of the story. It should be written in present tense and third person, and it should summarize the major plot points of the story, including the ending. A well-written synopsis goes beyond a dry plot summary to include emotional elements of characters and relationships in the story.

The book synopsis should describe the main characters, including the protagonist and the situation that presents the story's conflict. The synopsis should include information about the antagonist's impact and the nature of the relationship between these two central characters.

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