What Are Some Tips on Writing a Bibliography Page?


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To write a bibliography, alphabetically sort appropriately formatted references to all books, articles and other resources consulted in the process of writing a research paper. Two formats one might use to arrange sources in a bibliography page are the MLA or APA styles.

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To use MLA style, list references on a Works Cited page at the end of the paper. Enumerate all the resources used to write the paper and sort them alphabetically by the author's last name. Book citations require the author's name, book title, city of publication, publisher, and finally, the year and medium of publication. Article citations require information about the author, article title, page numbers, publication name and date, as well as the medium of publication such as print or web. Use an MLA style reference to ensure that all citations in the works cited include sufficient information to properly identify each work.

When formatting a bibliography using APA guidelines, the page is titled References. Data needed for a proper citation may include the author name, publication title, volume, page numbers and date. Citations in APA style generally use the author's last name only, with initials used for any other names. For electronic resources such as articles from online scholarly journals, one needs to include the DOI or digital object identifier when it's available or the web address to the resource otherwise.

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