What Are Some Tips for Writing an Article Review in APA Style?


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Before starting to write an article review in APA style, read the article carefully several times, and make sure that you understand it completely. Come up with the main idea that the article review is going to express, and phrase it in a statement. Begin by writing a header for the review, which should cite the sources you use and the article that you are reviewing.

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Make sure to review the APA style manual for detailed guidelines and requirements on how to write the header, as they depend on the article's source. Begin the review by summarizing the main ideas presented in the article in the first paragraph of your review. Make sure to include information about the author’s reasons for writing the article, how the article compares to other similar works in the field, and what results and conclusions the author of the article presents.

Describe your opinion about the article in one or two paragraphs. Write about how you understand the article, evaluate its significance, and explain the article's weak points. All the claims you make about the article should be supported by quotes from it. Be sure to include suggestions on how to improve the article. Use the final paragraph to describe opportunities for further research on the matter, what the article means on a large scale, and how the article's field can expand further.

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