What Are Some Tips for Writing an Appreciation Speech?


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A good appreciation speech should be specific about the people the speaker is thanking, the reasons or actions that warrant appreciation and what those actions mean to the speaker or the cause. Specific stories about the cause or people involved add a personal element to the speech, being as detailed as possible helps the audience connect on a deeper level, and avoiding wordiness helps keep the speech engaging.

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Some more tips include mentioning the person or people being thanked by name and explaining exactly why their actions deserve thanks. A good speech is as positive and inclusive as possible, and it avoids general statements while mentioning every person involved possible. For large groups of people, the speaker should mention the most important individuals first, such as leaders and organizers, and follow with each group of supporting people.

An appreciation speech can include an inspiring quote or a funny joke in the open or close, and should be edited as necessary for the amount of time allotted. Funny stories, specific compliments and words of encouragement added into the speech throughout helps to keep the audience's attention, especially those pointing out specific individuals. The speaker should take great care not to say anything at all negative, pushy or undermining.

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