What Are Some Tips on How to Write a Personal Narrative Paper?


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To write a personal narrative paper, write about an event or moment that is truly meaningful to you, start your paper with a "hook," and give your story a definitive purpose. Use concrete details and create an outline to help you structure the paper.

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Focus on something that is important to you to create a more interesting paper. Choose a poignant time or event in your life. If something didn't have an impact on you,a paper about it is unlikely to impact a reader. Always start your paper in a way that piques the reader's interest, beginning at a particularly compelling place in the story. Give your story direction and purpose by describing what you learned from the experience or offering some kind of insight for the reader.

Steer clear of vague descriptions. Recall sensory details about the experiences that you can describe in the paper, giving the reader a genuine sense of what it was like to be there. Use your own words instead of relying on clichés, such as "sleeping like the dead" or "sent shivers down my spine." Also, avoid using jargon or big words in an attempt to sound more well-read or intelligent. When in doubt, choose simplicity. Clear, concise sentences are powerful.

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