What Are Some Tips for Winning a School Board Election?

What Are Some Tips for Winning a School Board Election?

Tips for winning a school board election include creating a campaign strategy, holding a successful fundraiser, identifying voter groups and seeking endorsements. One of the biggest expenditures when running for election is campaign materials.

Name recognition is important before coming up with a campaign strategy. Ways to get name recognition include getting involved with local charities and attending regular school board meetings. Next, gather a group of supporters, preferably those with experience in running for office, and ask for advice and help. Arrange meetings with community leaders to solidify the campaign strategy.

After developing a good campaign strategy, organize a fundraiser. Ask attendees to donate cash, put signs in their yards, endorse the candidacy and walk the neighborhood. Invite as many people as possible to the fundraiser to raise sufficient funds for the campaign.

Identify voter groups to streamline the campaign. These include retirees, involved parents and close friends and neighbors. Arrange to speak at PTA meetings, car clubs, book clubs and other community forums. Send out social media messages and emails to close friends and neighbors asking for their support.

Lastly, ask for at least one endorsement from a respected community member, preferably one in the education sector. Run the campaign by answering questions honestly and clearly articulating campaign points.