What Are Some Tips for Using Vocabulary Words in Sentences?


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Understand the vocabulary word, including any prefixes and suffixes, to ensure you use it properly within the sentence. Once the meaning is clear for you, write a sentence that not only uses the word correctly but makes it clear that you understand it within the context of the sentence.

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If you are allowed to use a dictionary, then do so to ensure understanding, or use lessons and notes from a class or assignment to learn and memorize what the vocabulary words mean before writing sentences with them. Be sure to look at prefixes and suffixes, since words such as “regular” and “irregular” have opposite meanings with the addition of only two letters. If a teacher assigned the vocabulary words, then ask for clarity regarding words that can have multiple meanings, such as “tear” or “refrain,” to make sure you know exactly which word the teacher assigned.

Once you understand the word, write a sentence that demonstrates your understanding to an instructor or test grader. Consider a word such as “absurd.” While the sentence, “My dreams last night were absurd,” properly uses the word in a sentence, without other context, it does not demonstrate understanding or mastery of the vocabulary word. Instead, write a sentence such as, “The senator looked absurd while wearing a large banana costume,” which clearly demonstrates an understanding of the word.

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