What Are Some Tips for Using Cloze Reading Passages to Teach ESL Classes?

What Are Some Tips for Using Cloze Reading Passages to Teach ESL Classes?

Some of the tips for using cloze reading passages to teach English as a second language classes are to determine the purpose of the specific lesson, select a passage that is appropriate for this purpose, and choose the right type and number of words to delete. It is important for teachers to leave all punctuation in its place and not to delete any words from the first and last paragraphs.

When using cloze reading passages to teach ESL classes, the teacher should first consider the intent of the lesson. He can use these cloze passages to teach certain vocabulary, grammar or text structure such as verbs and nouns. Cloze passages also teach students how to predict words that would make sense in a particular context.

The teacher should then select a text that is suitable for the particular purpose. For example, if the teacher wants to teach geography vocabulary, he should select a passage that has geographical terms. The passage should also be at the current reading level of the ESL students, as this makes it easier for them to fill in the deleted words.

Teachers should carefully select the words to delete to serve the particular purpose. If they intend to teach grammar or verb tenses, they can delete these words and ask the English language learners to fill in the words while taking into account the appropriate tense.

Teachers should encourage the students to read the passage before filling in the blanks, and the students should try and fill in all the deleted words. They should then read the entire passage after filling in the blanks to ensure it makes grammatical sense.