What Are Some Tips for Using Blackboard?


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Some tips for using Blackboard are to take a workshop, use "Force Complete" with caution and to submit a ticket through the help desk. Also, you should never delete items and you should avoid the use of special characters in names and titles.

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Because Blackboard is a complex Learning Management System that the owners are constantly modifying, learning the tools and features of the system must be an ongoing process. Continuous Blackboard training, either done online or in person, is highly recommended.

The "Force Complete" feature of Blackboard is the cause of many help tickets. When using it, students may not exit the session for any reason, including losing Internet connectivity, for doing so gets them kicked out of the session with the only way to get back in being to contact the professor. For this reason, students should either not use "Force Complete" or use it with lots of caution. In regards to submitting tickets through the help desk, students should include specific information about the course, problem and location of the problem within the ticket. Also, a list of steps to recreate the problem can be very useful.

Once a student deletes something in Blackboard, it is gone, as there is no recycle bin. Therefore, students should never delete anything that is connected to the Grade Book or has student submissions. The use of special characters in any name or title in Blackboard may cause error messages, so students should avoid this as well.

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