What Are Some Tips for Teaching Second Grade Spelling Words?


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One tip for teaching second grade spelling words is to provide the student with lots of practice in different formats. It is important for the student to learn to spell words that they commonly use at this stage, as well as second grade Dolch words, compound words and advanced phonics.

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Students in second grade should practice spelling in different formats, including puzzles, spelling bee games, oral spelling exercises and spelling homework. Brain teasers and word wizards help a second-grade student have fun while practicing how to spell. When teaching second graders how to spell, it is better to simplify the lessons. Instructors should introduce words that have the same pattern, such as around and ground, at the same time to help the child remember their spelling. If they remember how to spell one word, they may find it easier to spell a different word that has a similar pattern.

It is better to teach children to spell using words that make sense to them and that they are likely to use. Instructors can teach them to spell words from their math and science books as these words have meaning to them and they see them often. To help a second-grader spell, allow them to hear, see and have a hands-on experience with the words they are learning to spell. Help the child spell words using magnetic letters or scrabble tiles, let them hear the correct spelling of the words, and help them find words and their spelling on everyday items such as cereal boxes and packages.

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