What Are Some Tips for Teaching Rhyming Words?


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One way to teach children rhyming words is to explain that rhyming words have the same sound at the end and to give examples of rhyming words. Another way to teach rhyming is to read a variety of books that use rhymes, such as Dr. Seuss. Also, incorporate rhyming into other subjects by creating rhymes for teaching math or science.

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Once students have a basic understanding of rhyming words, it is important to practice rhyming often, either in small or large group settings. Have students use rhyming phrases for different parts of the school day, or have students make up nonsense words that rhyme. Involve students in fun activities that help them to practice rhyming words. Use coloring squares by writing rhyming words on the chalkboard and having students color the matching words the same color. Another way to practice rhyming is to give students riddles that require them to fill in the missing word that rhymes with the previous line.

Make rhyming a competition by breaking students into groups of three. Give each group a word and have them come up with as many rhyming words as they can. Or have the groups search through books and magazines to find as many rhyming words as possible. Give the winning group a prize.

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