What Are Some Tips for Teaching Math Fractions in Grade Three?

What Are Some Tips for Teaching Math Fractions in Grade Three?

Tips for teaching math fractions in grade three include explaining fractions in terms of pizzas, explaining numerator and denominator until every student understands, and drawing many pictures of fractions. Other tips include teaching slowly and thoroughly, and having students write real-life examples of adding and subtracting fractions.

Using pizzas as fractional analogies gives students something they will immediately recognize. The early recognition gives students a head start and eliminates some of the early confusion that hinders the learning process.

It is important that each student understand what a numerator and denominator are because those concepts are essential in learning to add and subtract fractions. To reinforce the understanding of these terms, teachers can include them in vocabulary and spelling tests. Teachers can also post diagrams in the classroom with the word numerator over the word denominator.

Because children are visual learners, some of the best teaching methods involve them drawing and posting pictures of fractions. The pictures should be posted somewhere in the classroom with high visibility, and they can represent pizzas, graphs and actual math problems.

Writing examples of real-life fraction math problems in a journal or essay requires students to think about the mathematical processes, and it develops a practical understanding of the concepts.