What Are Some Tips for Teaching Home School Math?


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One tip for teaching homeschool math is to select a program that fits the child's learning style and age and is engaging, such as Saxon Math, Math-U-See or Miquon Math, suggests Family Education. Some other tips include using daily activities and household objects to teach math concepts to make learning math fun.

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When selecting a math homeschool program, parents can choose programs focusing on math drills for children who learn best by repetition, or those that use tactile objects or computer lessons for students who learn best hands-on, notes Family Education. These programs also help homeschooling parents have a clear structure for math learning goals.

To prevent kids from getting bored from learning math regardless of the program, homeschooling parents can use activities like filling in workbooks, visiting local stores to practice money math, counting candy and playing math games online.

Other tips include showing children that learning math concepts has a purpose, clearly explaining why math is done the way it is and focusing on how math is used in daily life, states HomeschoolMath.net.

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