What Are Some Tips for Teaching English?


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When teaching English, write down the common errors that students make and correct them after they are finished speaking. This helps to prevent them from becoming self-conscious, and it helps to keep conversations fluid, rather than impeded by interruptions. Playing music in class is an excellent way to keep morale high, while also improving concentration.

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When a lesson is particularly effective, make a photocopy of it and store it in a folder for future use. To keep students focused, allow them to get up and walk around from time to time. Another option is to plan lessons that involve physical activities.

Encourage the students to speak in English out loud while practicing. It is not enough just to understand how English works. The students need to connect the muscles that are used to speak to the knowledge they have of the language. Speaking out loud improves pronunciation and helps students to understand how to use English as an actual means of communication. Encourage them to use English in situations outside of the classroom.

Reviewing information before going to sleep can help to solidify it in the brain. Encourage students to briefly review their lesson plans before bed. Listening to English being spoken in brief intervals multiple times throughout the week can help students to understand the language, so help students to develop this habit at home.

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