What Are Some Tips on Teaching American Historical Facts to Kids?


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Some tips for teaching American historical facts to kids include using graphic organizers to present the material, doing activities that bring the historical events alive to the kids and playing games requiring kids to recall the facts. Graphic organizers help kids better understand how facts fit together, suggests TeachingHistory.org. Games and activities, on the other hand, help make learning historical facts more engaging.

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What Are Some Tips on Teaching American Historical Facts to Kids?
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Using a graphic organizer for presenting historical facts is a good tip because it can clearly show students how events fit on a timeline, how a cause is related to an effect or how multiple things are similar or different, suggests TeachingHistory.org. Some tips for using a graphic organizer effectively for teaching historical facts are to not have too many details on the organizer at once, to instruct students in using the organizer for meeting the class's learning goals and ensuring students know what the organizer is demonstrating.

Reading books related to a historical event, showing videos, playing games and assigning worksheet activities are also good ways to teach kids historical facts, suggests Care.com. Reading books and showing videos provides an opportunity for kids to ask questions about history. Assigning worksheet activities can provide practice recalling facts through word searches and puzzles, while games that require kids to recall American historical facts can provide an opportunity to be competitive.

Teachers can also take students on field trips to history museums or other historical attractions to learn more about events.

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