What Are Some Tips for Taking a Timed Typing Test?


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Tips for taking a timed typing test include using proper technique, studying by repetition, using proper posture and not looking at the keyboard. Through practice using these methods, an individual can get closer to achieving 65 words per minute or more.

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What Are Some Tips for Taking a Timed Typing Test?
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Using the proper QWERTY typing technique will help individuals perform better on the typing test because this technique allows them to type faster than those using the "hunt and peck" method.

One of the best tips for taking the timed test is for a person to practice the same exercises constantly. This helps the fingers develop the muscle memory necessary to excel at typing. Those using websites or software to help them practice typing should not move on to their next lesson until they have achieved 100 percent on the current lesson.

While studying for the test, the individual should avoid looking at the keyboard. This helps them to memorize the location of the keys more quickly and will help them learn typing via motor skills instead of sight. Ultimately, this speeds their performance on the typing test, as they do not have to visually verify where a key is located.

While both practicing for and taking the test, an individual should practice proper posture by keeping their feet relaxed and on the floor and their wrists level with the keyboard. This helps protect muscles and boosts both energy and accuracy.

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