What Are Some Tips for Summarizing an Article?

What Are Some Tips for Summarizing an Article?

It's important to read an article several times, gleaning the general message and overarching theme, when summarizing. By repacking the information using clear, precise verbiage, you can condense the article's key points into brief paragraphs.

Summarizing an article begins with taking the time to understand the article, which means understanding the context in which it was written as well as vocabulary used in it. When writing a summarization, use the present tense to reference information in the article.

Summarizations should include the author's name and the article's title. It is critical to identify the author's thesis and present it in the first sentences of the summarization. By leaving out any minor details or ideas not central to the author's message, you may further distill the core intent of the article.

To avoid confusion, it is useful to subdivide differing points made in the article into individual paragraphs, giving brief but ample consideration to multiple key points.

It is also important to refrain from inserting your opinion into the summation. Likewise, do not include "I" statements in a summarization.

Translate any poetic or antiquated language into modern language. To avoid plagiarism, do not use the author's original phrasing unless quoted within the summarization.