What Are Some Tips for Studying for a Fifth Grade Spelling Test?

What Are Some Tips for Studying for a Fifth Grade Spelling Test?

Drilling words with flashcards, using computer spelling programs and playing spelling bee games are three ways to prepare for a spelling test. Identify your child's particular learning and studying style to choose the best test preparation.

There are many ways to study for a spelling test, and the method you choose depends on what works best for your child. Drilling spelling words is one way to prepare for a test. Drilling should not be done all at once the night before a test. Instead, practice a few words every day to build your child's confidence.

If more than one child is preparing for a spelling test, they may participate in a practice spelling bee. Spelling bees are contests in which the best speller wins. To organize a spelling bee, collect a list of words that the students need to learn. Ask one student to spell a word on the list; if the student spells the word correctly, offer him another word to spell. If the student spells a word wrong, he is "out" and another student gets a chance to spell it.

For students who learn best on computers, try a computer game. Funbrain.com and other companies offer online spelling games that can help students improve their spelling. Computer spelling can make studying fun for students. However, these games are not guaranteed to include the words on your child's test list.

Spelling games offer a fun option to prepare for a test and can help lower testing anxiety. Alpha-Time Spelling is a game that helps children practice writing their spelling words. Children must then arrange their words in alphabetical order. In Back-to-Back spelling, students pair up to trace spelling words on their partners' backs. Each student must guess which word his partner is tracing.