What Are Some Tips for Studying for the EPA 608 Exam?


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Some tips for studying for the EPA 608 technician certification exam are making sure to review the material covered on the exam and taking advantage of resources such as memory tools, practice exams, study guides and illustrated diagrams. Many certification testing centers offer training programs on site so that test takers are fully prepared to become certified.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides an overview of every topic covered on the 608 exam on EPA.gov, separated into sections based on the type of certification to which the information applies. The exam is made up of a core section that applies to all certifications and other sections that are specific to the certification type for which the taker is applying. Reviewing the content of the test directly from EPA guidance can clarify which areas a person taking the test should focus on for more intensive study.

Many organizations and companies offer resources for 608 exam preparation, including VGItraining.com and EPATest.com, which direct users to a number of free and paid test prep aids, including practice exams, flash cards, and tools to assist memory and comprehension. The EPA keeps a current list of all approved technician certification programs that administer tests. The list also notes when testing services and certification programs offer training to develop exam-related skills and knowledge used to prepare for the exam itself.

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