What Are Some Tips for Studying for Advanced Cardiac Life Support Quizzes?


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To study for the Advanced Cardiac Life Support exam or for related sample quizzes, use a study guide made up of questions and answers before attempting the quiz, and categorize information into separate study guides, according to eMedCert. Review algorithms, medications, dose, and case scenarios to prepare for the quiz or the actual exam. In addition to understanding the materials, it is important to review the ACLS practice exam question-and-answer set to understand what format to expect from the exam.

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The ACLS Training Center separates sample tests into categorical exams. For example, the website provides a sample quiz on bradycardia, sinus tachycardia, acute coronary syndromes and supraventricular tachycardia. Other categories include pulseless electrical activity practice, unstable tachycardia and stroke, among others, explains the website. The ACLS Training Center recommends breaking these topics down into individual study guides, with answers, to prepare for the actual exam.

ACLS-Algorithms.com provides practice tests to reinforce the student's knowledge of algorithms and protocols from the AHA ACLS Provider Manual. These procedures are used in advanced cardiac life support, and this website recommends using these practice quizzes as a study guide for the exam. This website also provides access to a practice-test library that covers other ACLS categories. These quizzes explanations for correct answers while taking the practice test.

The ACLS Certification Institute also offers categorized practice exams, although in a different format from the ACLS Training Center categories. These topics include acute stroke care, ventricular fibrillation, and tachycardia identification and treatment, according to the website.

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