What Are Some Tips for Students Taking STAR Tests in the Accelerated Reader Program?


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To get the best out of STAR tests, students must develop a reading culture within the classroom, the library and at home. They should be active in book clubs, book talks and electronic blackboard chats to get ideas from the other students.

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Students should take reading practice quizzes consistently to score at least 85 percent in the Success Index, and engage as much time as possible in learning. They should read books recommended by teachers and fellow students, as these are the most helpful. Students should utilize the book finder tools to access numerous textbooks, e-books and quizzes. From the book search, students should find the Common Core Exemplar Texts, and take the most popular quizzes in STAR tests.

Whenever taking these timed tests, students should be keen to understand the question in the first reading. Additionally, they should be honest and refrain from cheating when taking the tests, and set their own realistic goals to discourage the urge to cheat. Students should take tests in an orderly manner as some skill tests depend on the success of preceding tests. For instance, the reading practice quizzes should come before the vocabulary practice quizzes. Students who face difficulties in taking STAR tests should seek assistance from fellow students, teachers and parents.

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