What Are Some Tips to Help You Stay Awake in Class?


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Tips for staying awake in class include sitting in the front row of the classroom or lecture hall, staying hydrated, and eating a balanced breakfast that does not consist of sugary foods. Light exercise in the mornings or adopting a cardiovascular routine can also provide needed energy. Getting enough sleep the night before a class is often the single most effective way to stay awake and alert.

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Failing to get sufficient sleep or adhere to a regular sleep schedule can lead to reduced concentration, lower energy levels and an inability to stay alert during class. Regular exercise is also important for staying focused and alert. Light stretching or aerobic exercise can improve blood flow and energy levels, and getting regular cardiovascular exercise may benefit daily energy levels and improve concentration.

Drinking caffeinated beverages or eating foods high in sugar may provide a short-term energy boost but may also lead to a sugar or caffeine crash. Another tip for staying awake is to remain active in class by taking notes, speaking up or participating in lectures and other activities. Dehydration symptoms include weakness, dizziness and fatigue, which are issues that may make staying awake more difficult. Drinking plenty of water aids the metabolic functions of the body that provide energy.

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