What Are Some Tips for Selling Used College Books?


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When selling used college books, clean the books, evaluate their conditions, compare prices from competitors and locate the best medium for selling the books. In order to maximize profits, Money Crashers recommends strategically timing your sale and shipping books in a padded envelope using the United States Postal Service's media mail option.

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Prior to selling used college books, wipe down the front and back covers, erase any pencil markings on the pages, remove any papers stuck in the books and fix any dog-ears on the pages. Condition determines the value of books, so cleaning books and listing them appropriately ensures maximum profits. To determine how much a book is worth, call a local bookstore or go online and compare prices from reputable sites that sell books. Then choose between direct sale or an online retailer. According to Money Crashers, local stores typically offer the least for books, online retailers may charge fees for their services and face-to-face sales to a friend or through word of mouth earn the most.

If possible, refrain from selling books at the ends of semesters as these are the periods with the greatest supply and least demand. Instead, time the sale near the beginning of semesters when demand is the highest. Selling books online may expose your book to more potential buyers, but requires shipping and handling. To maximize profits, ship books in a padded envelope rather than a box, and take advantage of USPS media mail shipping rates. As Money Crashers reports, books are heavy and shipping can thus be costly, but USPS offers reduced shipping rates for mailing books and other media.

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