What Are Some Tips for Rhyming Pairs of Words?


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In order to rhyme pairs of words, one must have a basic understanding of how rhyme works, including types of rhyme and syllable repetition. A rhyming dictionary is also a helpful tool for rhyming pairs of words. Rhyming dictionaries are available in print and online formats and allow the user to look up rhyming matches for a given word.

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Whether two words rhyme depends on the type of rhyme one intends to create. In a typical end rhyme, the sounds following the last stressed syllable will match, such as "writer" and "brighter." In a slant rhyme (also called off-rhyme or half rhyme), only the final consonant must rhyme, even if the vowels are different. Examples of slant rhymes include "dunk" and "milk" or "sell" and "toll." Feminine rhymes (also known as double rhymes) employ two or more rhymed syllables with a final unstressed syllable, such as "dropping" and "chopping" or "fire" and "aspire."

Rhyming dictionaries can help individuals rhyme pairs of words by identifying and finding matches for different types of rhyme. Online rhyming dictionaries function similarly to search engines; the user types a word into a search box, and the site generates rhyming matches for the original word. Print rhyming dictionaries are also sold by most major book retailers and allow users to look up words organized by category and syllable count.

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