What Are Some Tips for Raz-Kids?

What Are Some Tips for Raz-Kids?

Some tips from Raz-Kids include creating read along books for younger siblings, allowing students to listen to higher level books in the book room and teaching the students that they can download and print books on Raz-Kids from the Reading A-Z website. The tips on the website are designed to help teachers integrate Raz-Kids into the classroom.

The Raz-Kids website offers a variety of helpful tips. The tips range from information about sister sites, to how to get students more involved with reading, to improving their vocabulary. The tips below are just a few of those found on the Raz-Kids website.

  • Book variety
  • The Raz-Kids website offers books on a variety of topics, not just on the one being taught in the classroom, such as books on animals, sports, weather and transportation.

  • Use the black button
  • The black button allows students to replay the pages of a book.

  • Ready to move on
  • After students have read all the books on their level, they can read a benchmark passage book to determine if they are truly ready to move on to the next level.

  • Use assignment reports
  • Assignment reports offer a quick glance at the student's progress.

  • Use at home
  • Raz-Kids can be used at home to keep students on track with their progress. Only the teacher's username and the student's own password is needed to access the site.