What Are Some Tips for Practicing Speaking English?


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Some tips to practice English speaking include studying phrases, not just vocabulary, listening to spoken English and practicing speaking alone. These study strategies can help English learners improve their pronunciation, accuracy and the speed of their speech.

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While English learners study a multitude of vocabulary words, they often struggle to use them fluidly in conversation. This is because cataloging, accessing and stringing together vocabulary words takes much more effort than simply calling up phrases. By studying specific phrases, it becomes much easier to respond quickly in conversations.

Reading English is an important study technique, but it’s also vital to listen to as much English as possible. Listening helps improve pronunciation and also makes it easier to understand other English speakers. While reading occurs at the reader’s own pace, listening forces listeners to work at the speaker’s pace, improving comprehension skills.

Practicing speaking alone is also a useful tool to improve English skills. Reading English out loud, for example, is an easy way to improve comprehension, pronunciation and general speaking skills. Speaking English spontaneously is also an effective study method. Though it may seem a little silly, spouting off whatever comes to mind can help English learners practice better formulation of thoughts and sentences in English. Both these techniques allow English learners to improve both their mental and spoken abilities.

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