What Are Some Tips for Practicing for the RMA Exam?


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To practice for the Registered Medical Assistant exam, find online resources such as MedPreps.com, QuizLet.com and Cram.com that feature practice test questions for students preparing for the RMA exam. RMA students should then trawl these sites to find expert answers to the featured practice questions.

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MedPreps.com has an interactive RMA practice test of 10 questions, each with five multiple choice answers. Students read one question and select the answer before proceeding to the next one. The system shows whether the answer selected is wrong or correct and gives the correct answer as well as its explanation. To access over 1,000 other RMA practice test questions, users should sign up and work on the questions online.

Cram.com has flashcards of RMA practice questions in sets and the displayed exam test has 100 cards, each card holding one question. Each question has multiple choice answers and the correct answer besides it. Students can also use the text to speech option to answer the questions. The site has instructions on how to use the flashcards.

Quizlet.com has different versions of RMA practice questions and allows students to filter results by choosing question types such as multiple choice, written, true or false, or matching questions. Students can also select the question limit. Each set of questions allows learners to choose or write the correct answer, and then check the correct answers at the end.

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