What Are Some Tips for Practicing Long Division With a Workbook?


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Some tips for practicing long division in a workbook is that students should know the times tables, be familiar with the different divisibility rules and should always check the answers. Another tip is to begin with simple division problems with a single-digit divisor and work up slowly to more difficult problems with three- or four-digit divisors.

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When using long division workbooks, an important tip is to know at least up to the 12 times table. If students do not know these tables, then they first need to learn them before starting on long division problems.

Long division problems may have either a remainder or not. To know if a number divides evenly (no remainder) into another, the divisibility rules can help determine this. There are divisibility rules for two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. For example, the last digit of a number that is divisible by two is even. Simple division problems, such as 246/2 and 98/2 will not have remainders, but 247/2 and 99/2 do have remainders.

After finding the answer to a division problem, students should check it by using either a calculator or multiplication by hand.

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