What Are Some Tips for Practicing Fourth Grade Math?


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Some fourth grade math tips are to make sure children know the basic math skills needed for this grade level, do activities related to the math learned at school with real-life applications and do the assigned homework. A child going into fourth grade should have mastered simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. Because a student has to know most of the multiplication tables in this grade, a first tip is that parents can use flash cards or activities to practice this skill.

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What Are Some Tips for Practicing Fourth Grade Math?
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Some other activities that parents can do is to relate the math topics learned in school with real life. For example, some activities can include estimation of the product costs in a shopping cart to practice addition skills. Another activity can be cooking a meal and having the child use different measurements and their conversions, such as teaspoons to tablespoons, or quarts to pints. Another way to practice math skills is to use games.

A very important way to practice math skills is to make sure the student is doing the homework assigned. Parents can also use online resources that provide worksheets that children can use for further practice. To study for a math quiz or test, students can try working with a friend to practice the different topics that may be on the test.

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